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11+ Best Podcast Hosting solutions for 2020

If you want to connect with your audience on more personal levels, starting a podcast can be the best thing to do in 2020. Starting a podcast is not just like recording simple voice notes and uploading it to iTunes or Spotify. First of all, you need to choose a podcast hosting platform to host your audio files. In this article, we are going to explore the 11 best podcast hosting options of 2020.

Here are the podcast hosting solutions we are rewiewing:

If you are planning on starting your Podcast in 2020, you need a proper platform to reach your audience. Here are some famous podcasting platforms that can help you with content creation and sharing with your listeners.

Discover in detail the best podcast hosting solutions:

1. Buzzsprout 

This podcast hosting service has been around for the last 11 years. Almost 1 million users are using this podcast hosting for their shows. This service offers a 90-day free trial where you can upload a limited duration of the podcast.

The platform keeps adding new features and options on a regular basis. With Buzzsprout you get all the features that you need for a professional podcast.

2. Podbean

The paid subscription of Podbean allows the users to upload unlimited podcasts for their audience. The Podbean templates are highly interactive, and you can integrate your podcast with your site and blog posts.

If you want to reach your audience in many places Podbean provides a social sharing tool, this is a great option to use podcasts as a marketing action. You can also use this podcast hosting to monetize your content to make money with podcasts.

3. Blubrry

If you want all the premium features of podcast hosting with affordable and flexible pricing plans, you can go with Blubrry for podcasting in 2020. You can easily manage and schedule your podcast posting with automated WordPress plugins right from your WordPress site or blog.

This podcast hosting also offers the real-time stats of your posts, and you can use monetization services too.

4. Transistor

This podcast hosting is equally useful for the newbies and the experienced podcasters. The overall features of this platform are really powerful and customizable. The user experience is simple yet effective in offering full control over making and publishing content for the audience. You can start with the basic package and upgrade your subscriptions as you start growing in the podcast market.

5. Simplecast

As the name suggests, this podcast hosting platform is straightforward to use and does not require any high-end technical knowledge of the podcasting field. From launching your first podcast with a few listeners to publishing content for millions of listeners, Simplecast is equally useful for every situation. You can manage, share, and grow your podcast channel through smart tools by this platform. Many famous brands are using Simplecast for the podcasts even though this podcast hosting is not very old in the market.

Apart from creating amazing podcasts with this platform, you can also share clips on different social media platforms. If you are just starting your career in podcasting, you can go with their basic plan, but for podcasters with huge viewership, a growth plan might be a good choice.

6. Fusebox

No matter which podcast hosting you are using, you need to present your podcast in an attractive manner on your site. For that purpose, you need a player tool to take control of media publication. Some platforms have their own players, but using Fusebox offers increased flexibility and better control of your content. The player is responsive and can be used for all screen sizes on all devices.

Fusebox is formerly known as Smart Podcast Player

7. Castos

If you already have an attractive WordPress site and want to use that site for promoting your podcasts, you can use a premium WordPress plugin by Castos. Once you have integrated your podcast with the WordPress site, you will be able to add the podcasts to the news section on your site.

8. Libsyn

If you don’t want to spend hours on learning complex podcast platforms, you can choose easy to use Libsyn podcast hosting for your marketing and content creation. It is one of the oldest podcast hosting services in the professional market with millions of satisfied clients. The storage space capacity can vary depending upon your choice of the package.

Pricing: from $5 to $40 a month

9. SoundCloud

Well, we did not put this podcast hosting on the first position as you may already familiar with this service. We always try to offer some unique perspectives about every tool that we talk about. SoundCloud is one of the most famous podcasts hosting and music player apps. If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest in highly-priced tools, you can get started with SoundCloud to start your future in the podcasting market.

If your audience is growing and you need to interact with more people through your inspiring podcasts, you can always subscribe to the paid packages.

10. Captivate

This podcast hosting platform is relatively new, but many famous podcasters are using it to grow their channels and audience. All the subscription plans from this podcast hosting come with unlimited number of podcasts and unlimited bandwidth. You can also podcast from other famous platforms to Captivate. If you need the power to create podcasts and gain new subscribers for your content, Captivate is the best podcast hosting out there with premium features.

The growth assistance features of Captivate make it the best choice for the beginners who want to skyrocket their success in podcasting.

11. Spreaker

For better mobile experience for your podcasts, Spreaker can be your best choice in the podcast hosting industry. The free plan of the podcast platform is not suitable for any kind of content, so eventually, you will have to go for the premium paid plans where you get all premium features to produce and publish amazing content. 

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