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5 best Social Media Management Tools (2020)

One great way to grow the reputation of your business is to increase your social media presence. It is not a surprise that social media management tools are a growing trend among companies, they can drastically increase the visibility of your business.
These tools will help you manage your social networking, will provide you with a lot of information that can help you gain more followers, become more relevant in your social media posts.

You will find in this post the best social media management tools that will help you create and schedule your posts, reach the right audience and analyze your performance.

What are the Best Social Media management tools?

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite was one of the first social media management software available on the market and continues to maintain a large user base. More than 35 social media platforms are supported (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram…).
You will be able to schedule individual posts and promotions with Hootsuite and preview your posts in advance, posts can be planned for months in advance.
One of the best area of Hootsuite is their analytics service. You can follow multiple metrics to measure your performance on their platform but you can also export is to use them with other data or make a presentation.


  • Hootsuite provides access to a free image library and Giphy
  • Hootsuite enables posts to be boosted directly from the platform
  • The ability to view a single post’s performance or download data as a.csv file


  • Includes limited team management
  • Old School UI, difficult to navigate
  • Limited post-editing options: Hard to edit previews, posts after scheduling cannot be moved to drafts, a queue cannot be paused

Price range: Free for one user to $599 per month

2. Buffer

In the social media management software industry Buffer is one of the main players. It accommodates the needs of single users and bigger teams, with a total of up to 26 people. With its ability to schedule content across various channels, Buffer is close to Hootsuite and facilitates team collaboration. Buffer leans more towards social media administration, with the emphasis on scheduling and monitoring individual articles, and leans more away from social media management.


  • For each post and each social media profile, Buffer collects data to provide strong analytics
  • You can filter the data by postal forms and change the plan for social media
  • A post can be generated and coded manually, but you can also upload a CSV file


  • Lack of suggestions for best post times
  • No private inbox
  • Cannot boost posts on Facebook

Price range: Free for one user to $399 per month

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social lands at the expensive end of the range of social media management tools, which is targeted at large brands and agencies. Apart from social media management they provide customer relationship features (CRM).
Their main strength is coming from their very strong analytics capabilities and easy to use reports.


  • Smart Inbox— a feature that enables users to handle all the interactions through social media platforms and through the viral post
  • Integration of Chatbox for suggestive twitter posts


  • One of the most expensive tool
  • No free plan
  • Digital picture library is only included in the Advanced plan.

Price range: Starts at $99/user/month

4. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is positioned in a somewhat different area than other management methods for social media. In addition to being a publishing site, it is also a marketing and project management tool.
CoSchedule is providing a complete new way of managing social networks with a calendar based and fully collaborative way of managing your posts


  • The Calendar View makes it easy to read all your scheduled campaigns
  • You can quickly view top-level posts and view live data on each post


  • No social networking apps
  • Mostly oriented toward teams and not single individual
  • Glitches in uploading documents and in integration with text editors

Price range: Free for one user to $1200 per month

5. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is an all in one social media management software for content publishing and engaging with your audience. It supports limited social media sites, but you can handle them through a single dashboard with multiple accounts. Scheduling posts and creating a queue for future auto-publishing is simple. AgoraPulse is also proving competitor analysis


  • It helps generate advertisements and raise posts from within the website
  • You can monitor interaction with your brand and test assumptions about the demographics of your customers


  • Micro plan provide access to only one social media profile

Price range: From $100/month to $500/month

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