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7 reasons why you should use email marketing

ROI of email marketing is the highest among all other marketing channels. It is generally estimated that $1 spent on email marketing can generate $40 in return. If we compare the ROI from traditional marketing campaigns, building an email list for your website is the best investment to increase conversions.

Discover the 7 reasons why email marketing is important for your business

Email Marketing is here to stay!

Many new business owners and marketers think that mailing lists have become less effective in 2020. Well, your claim is totally against reality and facts. Almost more than 50% of small-medium businesses are still using emails for their marketing strategy. While they are not only using email marketing, it is a successful marketing channel for them.

Mailing Lists are Gold for Businesses

When it comes to generating sales with the list, there are a lot of other factors that may impact the success ratio. Income generated from the email list depends on how effective methods you have used to build that list.

The sole purpose of building an email list for an eCommerce store is to get better leads and conversions. The goal is to convert visitors into paying customers.

Customers Prefer Email

Frequency of checking emails
Source Adobe email study 2019

Email marketing allows you to target specific clients that are interested in buying or using your products or services. Your visitors who have subscribed to your newsletter or promotions are already interested in buying your product. A little push with some incentives and discount is enough to convert them. Almost 72% of costumers expect to get promotional content and discounts through email channels. Using email marketing not only will get you more clients, but you will also represent your business as a reputed brand.

Email Marketing Targets more Mobile Users

Almost every internet user has an email provider app installed on his phone. Reading and reviewing emails on a mobile phone is way easier than other devices. As most of the customers also make final purchases through smartphones, so, they are more likely to read your promotional email before making the final payment.

Better Results than Social Media Marketing

Although email marketing is the perfect opportunity to generate leads with the least investment social media ads are also not bad. Even though social media marketing is the perfect channel to build brand awareness, but email marketing is way more effective in terms of converting customers.

Email Marketing is Personal

You can categorize your audience based on their taste for shopping. There are several email marketing services that allow marketers to manage different email categories more effectively. You can target the pain point of the customer or their favorite category in a better way with the detailed email.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Here are some financial and marketing benefits of building a healthy email marketing strategy for small businesses and stores in 2020:

  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Connect with potential market
  • Increase authenticity
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Build a strong brand identity


Before trying every tactic out there, build a strong email marketing strategy, and try to capture authentic emails and users for your list. Be consistent with your marketing effort, and soon you will start noticing an increase in the sales and conversions.
Tee best way is to put a form in your website to incentive visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

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